We Believe the IRS Tries Really Hard To Take The Fun Out Of Being Successful For High Achievers


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Let me give you an analogy. You're holding a pie, and this pie represents all the capital you will make from now all the way to retirement and beyond .And you get to cut out a piece of that pie, and that piece represents how much money you give to the IRS.

If you were given a choice, how big would you cut that slice?

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Allow me to let  you in on a little secret..

There are specific financial programs that the government doesn’t want you to know about. Financial strategies are utilized only by the wealthy, and it’s one of their best kept secrets

Thought Leaders are actively deceiving the public, and they know about it, but their response has been ‘the public is too stupid to understand’ so they continue spouting inaccurate financial information that leaves people paying a fortune in taxes, unprepared or ill prepared for retirement, and unable to get the benefits they’ve poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into

The worst part of it all is that most people don’t even know they’re being misled. They have no clue that there are financial loopholes that can guarantee their retirement and that their legacy won't be stolen by the government when they pass it on to the next generation.

Do you think the federal government wants you to know how to pay less in taxes? Think again.


My Name Is Kelly

I help successful, high achieving millennials keep and USE their hard-earned money to increase their wealth via my Loophole Optimization Strategy.

I’ve found that many of these people lack clarity on the best investments to make and to keep their money under their control. They lack knowledge on different options, they’re interested in investing money so they can use it like to build or buy a house, to buy a van and van-life it, etc. They have money sitting in their bank account not making any money. They’re being written off by traditional financial advisors, they’re not knowing what advisors are doing with their money and not understanding the investments, they have a big tax liabilities every year and they don’t wanna work until they’re 65 years old, they want to retire in their early 40s.

How can you keep
more of your capital?

Our Simple Illustrations Will Help you
Quickly Understand The Financial Game

Keep More of your Financial PIE

If you were holding a pie, and that pie represents all the income you will earn between now and retirement, and you got to cut out a slice of that pie and that slice represents the amount of money you give to the IRS.... How big would you make that slice?

Make Sure You Have Your Money In The Right BUCKETS

There are 4 buckets that you can put your money into. Taxed now, taxed later, not taxed, and tax free. Do you have your money in the right buckets? Most people don't and they don't even know that they will pay when they descend into retirement...

Ensure You Are Prepared For The Descent After Retirement.

Most people only focus on the ascent towards retirement and following traditional retirement planning, it's all about getting as much as you can have while ignoring how those funds will be taxed after retirement. 

Ensure You Have The Right TAXATION LEVERAGE

There is only one section of tax code that allows you to control the knife (the amount of taxes taken from you) in the distribution phase. If you do not have control of this knife, you have no control over your taxation amount as you descend the mountain.

free "the napkin method" audio book


hear what our clients have said

Hollie Clere,  Social Media Strategist

After having had a bad experience with a financial person in the past, I asked Kelly some hard questions before even introducing him to my husband. Most of it had to do with trust, focus and decisions we had gotten hurt with in the past. Kelly not only paid attention to every detail to the aspects to my questions but showed me where we had made some great choices and talked about the importance of each decision. He nis relationship focused. When my husband met him, Jer’s demeanor switched from debate to encouragement. Kelly’s presence alone made my husband comfortable and they visited about a lot of aspects of things.

Greg Peterson,  Founding Partner

Kelly was excellent to work with. His different approach at looking at money was an eye opener to us. We will continue to work with Kelly in the future and highly recommend having Kelly involved when it comes to investing.

Edward Hilton,  Chief Technology Officer

Kelly has exceeded all of my expectations. He provided education, experience, excellence and integrity! This is so important when working with a client's personal finances. As a school educator I appreciate his focus on education so that I could make the most informed financial decisions. I have a much clearer understanding of banking, finance, and investment now, and this will help my family currently and in the years to come. Thank you Kelly and kudos to the Mountain Financial team!