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Selecting the right insurance company can be a crucial decision in your financial journey. It’s a choice that should align with your long-term goals and financial well-being. In this discussion, we’ll explore the four essential characteristics that guide our selection of insurance companies, ensuring they meet your needs and expectations.

  1. Mutual Insurance Company:

Our first criterion is that the insurance company must be a mutual company. But what does this mean, and why is it significant?

In simple terms, a mutual insurance company operates with policyholders as its owners. This structure eliminates the interference of outside investors and places the focus squarely on the benefits of the policyholders. These companies are committed to controlling expenses, maintaining efficient underwriting practices, and striving for profitability—all for the benefit of policyholders like you.

Additionally, being an owner of the company may grant you access to certain tax advantages, enhancing the value of your policy. So, mutual insurance companies form the cornerstone of our selection process.

  1. A-Rated Companies:

Our second criterion is non-negotiable: the insurance company must hold an A rating. A high credit rating signifies the financial strength and stability of the insurer. It’s an assurance that your policy is in secure hands.

To put it simply, we only work with the best in the industry. An A-rated insurance company ensures that your financial future is protected with the utmost reliability.

  1. Low Cost of Insurance:

The third criterion relates to the cost of insurance. Here’s where our approach may differ from that of some other financial professionals. We prioritize insurance companies that keep their costs low.

You may have noticed that many insurance companies engage in extensive marketing efforts, sponsoring major events like March Madness or the Super Bowl. These grand expenses inevitably find their way into the cost structure, affecting policyholders’ returns. We prefer to work with companies that focus on cost control, allowing them to deliver better value to policyholders.

While you might not recognize the names of these companies on a national stage, they are often well-established entities with over a century of history, known for their financial strength and prudence.

  1. Non-Direct Recognition:

Our fourth and final criterion pertains to non-direct recognition. This term is essential to understanding how insurance policy loans work.

In a non-direct recognition scenario, policyholders can enjoy higher values, including dividends, while maintaining the guaranteed minimum. It means that when you take a loan against your policy, the collateralization process doesn’t impact your ability to earn the entire amount. This feature ensures that your policy remains robust and allows for more extended periods of leverage and collateralization.

Conclusion: Make Informed Choices

These four characteristics guide our selection process when it comes to insurance companies. They represent our commitment to your financial well-being and our assurance that the policies we recommend are tailored to help you achieve your goals.

When you’re ready to embark on this journey, we encourage you to reach out and schedule a consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help secure your financial future.

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Kelly O’Connor is a master coach and trainer with a decades-long career in sales, marketing, and insurance. An industry leader, alongside top producers developing programs, he quickly became Colorado’s #1 speaker within the charter school system, traveling the state to speak in front of thousands of people and financial planners. A true visionary and figurehead for the community, he’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing, coaching, and training masterminds and mentors.

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After having had a bad experience with a financial person in the past, I asked Kelly some hard questions before even introducing him to my husband. Most of it had to do with trust, focus and decisions we had gotten hurt with in the past. Kelly not only paid attention to every detail to the aspects to my questions but showed me where we had made some great choices and talked about the importance of each decision. He nis relationship focused. When my husband met him, Jer’s demeanor switched from debate to encouragement. Kelly’s presence alone made my husband comfortable and they visited about a lot of aspects of things.

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Kelly was excellent to work with. His different approach at looking at money was an eye opener to us. We will continue to work with Kelly in the future and highly recommend having Kelly involved when it comes to investing.

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Kelly has exceeded all of my expectations. He provided education, experience, excellence and integrity! This is so important when working with a client's personal finances. As a school educator I appreciate his focus on education so that I could make the most informed financial decisions. I have a much clearer understanding of banking, finance, and investment now, and this will help my family currently and in the years to come. Thank you Kelly and kudos to the Mountain Financial team!