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Have you ever wondered where you stand in the wide landscape of household incomes across the nation? In this insightful discussion, Kelly O’Connor takes us on a journey to reevaluate our financial status and urges us to rethink our financial strategies. Through the lens of uncommon thinking, we’ll explore the intriguing statistics that illuminate income distribution and taxation.

Exploring the Income Game

We start by asking a straightforward yet impactful question: Do you consider your household income common or uncommon? Delving into different income brackets, we challenge ourselves to estimate our place within the income distribution curve. Let’s break down the following income thresholds:

Top 50%: To belong to the top half of earners, your annual household income should be around $41,740.

Top 25%: For the top quarter, an income of approximately $83,682 is necessary.

Top 10%: To be part of the top 10%, your income needs to be $145,135 per year.

Top 5%: Achieving a place among the top 5% requires an annual income of $208,053.

Top 1%: We’ll uncover what it takes to join the elite group of one-percenters, where the income threshold rests at $515,371.

The Uncommon Perspective

Statistically, those in the top 10% and beyond are indeed uncommon. But here’s the thought-provoking question: Why follow conventional financial advice when you’re in the minority financially? Our exploration suggests that those who are statistically uncommon deserve strategies that match their financial status.

The Tax Target

The reality comes into focus as we see the top income brackets carrying a substantial portion of the tax burden. We’ll highlight that the top 50% contribute nearly 97% of federal taxes, while the lower half contributes a mere 3%. This stark realization emphasizes that those with higher incomes are the primary targets for taxation.


Our exploration of the income game unveils fresh perspectives on income distribution, taxation, and financial strategies. By challenging conventional advice and embracing unique strategies, those in higher income brackets can better align their financial decisions. Through engaging insights and thought-provoking statistics, we empower readers to make informed choices that resonate with their exceptional financial status.

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Kelly O’Connor is a master coach and trainer with a decades-long career in sales, marketing, and insurance. An industry leader, alongside top producers developing programs, he quickly became Colorado’s #1 speaker within the charter school system, traveling the state to speak in front of thousands of people and financial planners. A true visionary and figurehead for the community, he’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing, coaching, and training masterminds and mentors.

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